Bayonet Diamond Clasp for Pearl Necklace

Diamond Weight: .15ct
Clasp Size: 15-24MM
Metal Type: 14k White or Yellow Gold


Bayonet Diamond Clasp for Pearl Necklace

Product Description

A glimmer of beauty, this Bayonet Diamond Clasp for a Pearl Necklace is exquisite.

A sleek and elegant design, this .15 ct  diamond encrusted clasp is the perfect compliment to any pearl necklace.

The vertical design of this Bayonet Diamond Clasp, contrasts beautifully against the perfectly round shape of a pearl.

When paired with a triple strand pearl necklace, this clasp is sure to enhance the pearl necklace.

This diamond clasp comes in 14K white or yellow gold.

With a clasp of this caliber, its only fitting that the pearl necklace be absolutely perfect. Try this clasp with our 8mm Freshwater Triple Strand Necklace.