Eight Leaf Flower Clasp For Pearl Necklace

Diamond Weight: .40ct
Clasp Size: 20mm
Metal Type: 14K White Gold



Eight Leaf Flower Clasp For Pearl Necklace

Product Description

Designed in a more modern style, this flower inspired clasp radiates. This Eight Leaf Flower necklace clasp is composed of .40ct diamonds and white gold. Simple, yet intriguing, the flower shape of this clasp is truly unique. Arranged by oval petals, each petal is filled with diamonds. The sparkle of this diamond encrusted clasp goes perfectly with the white luster of the pearl. When paired with a pearl necklace, whether it be one strand or two, the necklace will be completely transformed to an incredibly one-of–a-kind piece. Because of the more modern, almost art-deco feel of this flower clasp, your necklace will not only be trendy it will also be classy.  A vision of beauty, this clasp pulls the whole look of a pearl necklace together, leaving behind the sophistication of a pearl and the grace of the flower.