Colorful Beauty Pearl Necklace Clasp

Diamond Weight: .14ct
Clasp Size: 15 MM
Metal Type: 14K White Gold


Colorful Beauty Pearl Necklace Clasp

Product Description

A clasp for pearl jewelry is more than just something to open and close the piece. It brings together the beads not just physically but visually too and completes the look of the ornament.

This pearl necklace clasp features a 14K white gold structure decorated with several small diamonds. The jewel in the crown is a small ruby occupying the center of the clasp. Dressing up a strand of pearls with a fancy clasp like this one will add big style.

Using the finest precious metal, gemstone, and diamonds makes sure that the clasp can complement single strand pearl necklaces, bracelets, and other jewelry. The vintage design of the clasp adds elegance and elevates the look of a necklace.

The clasp can add character to a piece of jewelry and make it a statement piece.